WVU plans for phased return to campuses for fall 2020 semester. Visit Return to Campus: Health Sciences for information. Visit coronavirus.wvu.edu for the latest regarding COVID-19.


For University-wide messaging, please visit coronavirus.wvu.edu.

The School of Medicine is continually evaluating the academic components of the University’s COVID-19 Response Plan and adjusting curriculum accordingly. We base decisions on the guidance of our accrediting bodies and leadership, with the safety of our students, faculty, staff and community in mind.

This page will be updated to reflect new information as it is available. However, students should pay close attention to their email accounts and University channels for the most up-to-date information for this evolving situation.

The University’s approach is to limit person-to-person contact while continuing educational programing and managing the health and safety of all involved.

University-wide messaging

M.D. Program

Latest Update:

For MS3 and MS4 students, the clinical learning date has changed from March 31st to April 14. Therefor there will be no clinical learning events until at least April 14.

Research and Graduate Education

Latest Update:

Included below, the move to essential activities and personnel in our labs has been requested by University leadership. We have been moving toward this through aggressive social distancing and our sense that this was the approach that would be needed, and now is the time to support each other and the broader community in making it happen.

Please put your energy and creativity into compliance with this approach that is balanced in keeping essential activities going while accomplishing what is required. It is not a time for trying to figure out a "work around" but rather to be in it together in moving toward what I realize as a scientist is not a desirable circumstance. I completely understand the concern over anything that slows down our research and reduces productivity, but a much bigger issue is at hand.

All aspects of this request are driven by a desire for safety and I ask us all to keep that as a top priority as well. Any request for activity that does not comply with the mandate must be approved by Dr. Fred King as noted and he has indicated the need for very robust justification.  

Please be in touch with The Office of Research & Graduate Education if we can help in any way as we navigate this next step together. Have talked with several of you this morning, and happy to talk with anyone as needed to help support you and your work.

Professional and Undergraduate Programs

Latest Update:

Each of our programs is evaluating academic standards and accreditation requirements and will be in touch with students.

Graduate Medical Education

Latest Update:

  • As part of WVU Medicine’s COVID-19 Response Plan, Monday, March 16, Ruby Administration will begin restricting visitors and monitoring entrances to the hospital.
  • Effective Monday, March 16, all employees and providers should only access the hospital through the HVI entrance, the shuttle entrance, or through the back of the hospital (but not the loading dock). All employees must show their badge when entering.
  • A hand sanitizer station will be available at all entry ports.
  • An officer from the Department of Security will be posted at the main hospital entrance, the shuttle entrance, the back doors of the hospital, and third-floor internal tunnel between the Health Science Center and the hospital 24-hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Residents are valuable members of the health care team. 
  • Students in learning in the clinical learning environment are prohibited from direct contact with patients who are people under investigation (PUI) or patients confirmed to have COVID-19. 
  • Anyone who is exposed to a patient who becomes a PUI in the course of their care is to notify their attending physician and program director, and self-quarantine away from the clinical environment.
  • If a resident has a health condition that puts her/him at higher risk (including but not limited to immunocompromised, on immunosuppressive drugs, has a chronic pulmonary condition, etc...) or has unique circumstances (living with someone who is immunosuppressed, or pregnant), please contact the program director so they can identify educational experiences that reduce your risk while meeting educational requirements. Alterations may result in a need to extend training based on ability to meet expectations of the curriculum and your certifying board.
  • University-related international and domestic travel has been suspended. If you choose to travel for personal reasons you should register your trip so that the University can monitor our travel footprint and share critical information with you as things develop.
  • You should know that as of March 13, upon return you will be asked to self-quarantine for 14 days. This approach may change as testing becomes more universally available.