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Research and Graduate Education

Students should pay close attention to their email accounts and University channels for the most up-to-date information for this evolving situation. For questions, contact The Office of Research and Graduate Education.

: Research & Social Distancing Updates

Included below, the move to essential activities and personnel in our labs has been requested by University leadership. We have been moving toward this through aggressive social distancing and our sense that this was the approach that would be needed, and now is the time to support each other and the broader community in making it happen.

Please put your energy and creativity into compliance with this approach that is balanced in keeping essential activities going while accomplishing what is required. It is not a time for trying to figure out a "work around" but rather to be in it together in moving toward what I realize as a scientist is not a desirable circumstance. I completely understand the concern over anything that slows down our research and reduces productivity, but a much bigger issue is at hand.

All aspects of this request are driven by a desire for safety and I ask us all to keep that as a top priority as well. Any request for activity that does not comply with the mandate must be approved by Dr. Fred King as noted and he has indicated the need for very robust justification.  

Please be in touch with The Office of Research & Graduate Education if we can help in any way as we navigate this next step together. Have talked with several of you this morning, and happy to talk with anyone as needed to help support you and your work.