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Class of 2024 - Danielle Dillon-Seeger

Danielle Dillon-Seeger1) Why did you choose WVU?

I was born in Morgantown, this is home. I can think of no better place to further my education and stay close to my roots. I also just finished my master’s degree here at WVU.

2) What is your favorite activity?

Honestly, there are many things I love to do. However, there is nothing quite like getting lost in a good book (good video games too).

3) What is your favorite TV program, movie, and who is your favorite music artist?

I watch a lot of cooking and crime shows (i.e. Chopped and the First 48). If I had to pick a favorite…I would say Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.

Honestly, I do not have a favorite music artist. I enjoy many.

4) Who has been your greatest influence in your life, other than a family member, and why?

The past few years have been tough. I was working as a dental assistant and studying to take the DAT. Dr. Daniel Taylor and Dr. Michael Hilleary encouraged me through the whole process. There came a point when I had to leave my job and finish my master’s degree, they were nothing but supportive. I hope that one day people will be able to say the similar things about me.

5) If you could be anyone, other than yourself, who would that be and why?

There is someone I have had the pleasure to work with here at WVU. I will not mention her name, but she is one of the most genuinely kind and caring people that I have ever met. Talking to her would just brighten my day. I strive to be more like her.

6) What are your biggest worries about coming to the WVU dental school this fall?

Life/school balance is my biggest worry. I just finished my master’s degree this past year. I struggle a bit with doing my best and finding enough time in a day to get everything done. This would be easier if I was not a perfectionist.

7) How do you deal with stress?

I tend to crack jokes and tease/pick on people when stressed (you have been warned). I love to laugh and love to make people around me laugh. I find there is not many people laughter cannot reach nor situations it cannot ease.

8) If you could change the world, what would you do?

I risk sounding old/old fashion, I feel that our morals and manners have “gone down the toilet”. I would like to see a renewed interest in both. I will stop myself there.