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Class of 2024 - Katreen Boles

Katreen Boles1) Why did you choose WVU?

I chose WVU for many reasons. First of all, the class size is very reasonable to get better communication between instructor and students. WVU has great research. WVU supports a wide range of research programs and activities to engage students in all phases of research and discovery. The school provides a great learning experiences in clinical practice with great dentists.

2) What is your favorite activity?

My favorite activities are reading and cooking as well.

3) What is your favorite TV program, movie, and who is your favorite music artist?

My favorite TV program is Steve TV show, and my favorite movie is the fault in our stars. Celine Dion is my favorite music artists.

4) Who has been your greatest influence in your life, other than a family member, and why?

Mother Teresa is one of the greatest influence in my life. She teaches me giving and kindness. She inspired me to help people without expecting anything in return. When you have a good heart, you help because you are happy with what you do. As mother Teresa said, “Three are no great things, only small things with a great love. Happy are those”.

5) If you could be anyone, other than yourself, who would that be and why?

I will be myself. I am very satisfied of what I achieved during my life. And, I work so hard to improve my life and make it better.

6) What are your biggest worries about coming to the WVU dental school this fall?

Covid-19 is the biggest worry about coming to WVU this fall. The health of my family, friend, and society is my first priority. Also, I used to take 18 credits hour maximum, 23 credits worries me a little.

7) How do you deal with stress?

I try to relax as well as listen to music. Playing with my kids helps me to deal stress and talking to my family and friends.

8) If you could change the world, what would you do?

If I could change the world, I would end poverty, crime, drugs, war, racism, cancer, and more. The first thing I would do is distribute money evenly to all the countries to control the poverty. I would have peace around the world and there would be no war between countries. Give everyone the best education. Education is a very important to improve people knowledge around the world and it helps to build opinions and have points of view on things in life, and it reduces poverty and crime as well. I would stop homeless and find a good house, health care, and best education for them. Give everyone the same rights to achieve the equality and fairness.