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WVU in the News: The ultimate goal: A healthier, happier West Virginia

From a business perspective, the health-care industry is thriving in West Virginia.

With more than $10.5 billion of economic activity each year and about 46,000 health-care employees statewide, the industry is doing quite well.

Not so the people of West Virginia, despite the heroic efforts of many of these health-care professionals.

We’ve all heard it before: West Virginia’s one of the unhealthiest states in the nation.

Obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer; if it’s bad for you, chances are if you live in West Virginia, you know someone afflicted or are battling the disease(s) yourself.

Not surprisingly, in national surveys and studies, West Virginians usually finish last in overall happiness. After all, if you’re sick, a family member or other loved one is sick, it’s difficult to be happy.

So how do we change the culture?

That’s the goal of people like Dr. Clay Marsh, a native son and vice president and executive dean for health sciences at West Virginia University.

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