Sustain your growth at WVU

We strive to completely support you through your training, both on and off shift. From caffeine pick-me-ups to full workouts, the Health Sciences Center and J.W. Ruby Memorial have the facilities to help you through the day. We also strive to make life easy; there are virtual wellness classes available, access to childcare if needed and as an employee, you’ll have access to WVU’s Faculty and Staff Assistance Program should you need or want confidential and professional help sorting through life’s problems.


Coffee to start your shift? Check. Vegetarian sushi roll for lunch? We have it. Short on time and need a fresh grab and go option? Got it. Between the hospital and Health Sciences Center there are numerous options for clinicians, faculty and staff. In summer and fall you can even find Morgantown’s food trucks and local farmers at the HSC Farmers Market to grab a bite during your shift and fresh vegetables and goods to take home for your next meal.


Get Active

The Health Sciences Center and hospital both have gym equipment and machines for you to get a workout in to clear your mind, work towards fitness goals and to reap the benefits of staying active. But there’s also something to be said for a leisurely stroll outside on a nice day to reset, take in campus views and replenish with some vitamin D. That’s possible with the Gold/Blue Walking Paths that loop around the hospital and campus.

Find Balance

We understand that focusing on training during a fellowship can be demanding, and WVU is dedicated to increasing access to resources to help out and keep an even keel. Whether it’s access to childcare to help at home or a guided lunchtime mindfulness exercise, we’re building a support system that you can count on during your time here.