Rural Track Program

MD Rural Track - Meet Nathan Mauck!

Mission in Action

The goal of the Rural Track program is to increase the number of primary care physicians who enter and remain in practice in rural West Virginia, specifically in the areas of emergency medicine, family medicine, internal medicine, obstetrics and pediatrics.

Students who enroll in the track receive financial incentives for rural shadowing experiences, an opportunity to connect with established mentors and community leaders, and a comprehensive understanding about how to be successful while practicing in medically underserved areas. More than $900,000 in scholarship dollars have been awarded to date.

The program helps West Virginia by establishing long-term relationships between physicians and communities while providing a level of care previously unobtainable in the region. Thirteen students have committed to a total of 36 years of practice in West Virginia since the program started.

Who You Are

Students enrolled in the Rural Track program have an opportunity to extend their medical school experience and make it something extraordinary. The importance of compassionate care and community is at the forefront of this track while students learn in medically underserved areas.

More than 90% of program graduates commit to practicing primary care, and more than 50% of graduates usually match at a residency program at WVU, allowing them to continue to establish roots in service to rural communities.


  • Ranked 13th nationally
    in training rural-medicine doctors

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