Client Testimonials

"I am in the medical weight loss program and was encouraged to get involved in an exercise program. I really like the flexibility of scheduling. But what I especially like and is special to me is working with the students. I can ask all kinds of questions and they help me find the answers. I also really appreciate working with the professors. They have listened and we are working on new exercise plans to meet my specific needs. The one-on-one is very special to me and I hope that the students feel the same way. Thank you for offering this program to clients like me and others!"

"This is a special place – you are greeted by name when you arrive and the best part is interacting with the students and staff!"

"The staff are friendly, professional, and helpful, each one bringing something special to their work."

"The personal attention and conversations with students make this is a hidden gem at WVU!"

"This experience is really helping me rebuild strength and stamina. I feel myself getting stronger and I appreciate the trainers. They are diligent and helpful. It is a pleasure to come here and exercise. Thank you for the opportunity!"

"Being able to work out in a supportive space where I know that I am safe if another heart episode occurs has been critical to my recovery and health. The HPL has been a major part of my second year of recovery and the staff has made all the difference. Thank you!"

"The opportunity to interact with students about their lives and ambitions. The fact that it has empowered me to maintain my health and to monitor my heart function, which allows me to provide my cardiologist and family doctor with information about my cardiovascular system."

"Everyone in the HPL is ready to help you, and are friendly and knowledgeable."