Admissions Committee for the M.D. Degree


Attracts, evaluates, and selects the best possible medical student applicants for the MD degree program in keeping with the School of Medicine mission and values. It maintains a preference for West Virginia resident applicants who are qualified by their academic record, aptitude, character, and drive to become successful medical doctors. Qualified non-resident applicants with the same qualities will also be considered for admission. Preference for non-residents includes ties to WV, WVU, and/or a rural community or the Appalachian region, as it is believed that they are more likely to contribute to the health care programs of the state in the future.


  • Members of the Committee on Admissions (COA) are nominated by their department Chair and then selected by the Dean annually. Members may be reappointed at the discretion of the Dean.
  • Faculty members may self-nominate through their chair. The AC shall consist of at least 15 voting members.
  • A quorum will be established each year based on the total number of admission committee faculty members. A quorum will consist of a majority of voting faculty members and be equivalent to at least one greater than half the total number of voting faculty members. Voting privileges are extended to all COA members, except the Assistant/Associate Dean for Admissions. There is one instance when the Assistant/Associate Dean for Admissions will vote; if a tie results from the COA voting, the Assistant Dean for Admissions will cast the tie-breaking vote.
  • There will be representation from both the basic science and clinical faculty, and students in the fourth year of the MD degree curriculum.
  • Fourth year medical student members must be in good academic and professional standing, and be able to attend a majority of committee meetings.
  • Membership shall have representatives from each campus.
  • Community physicians, alumni, and retired faculty are eligible to serve on the committee.
  • An Assistant/Associate Dean will serve as an ex-officio, non-voting member, to assure smooth operations of the committee.
  • The Admissions Dean shall appoint a Chair and Vice Chair from the voting membership.

Duties and Responsibilities

Members shall:

  • Attend the annual orientation and committee meetings.
  • Review applicant files and conduct interviews with applicants in a professional manner.
  • Present those applicants interviewed to the COA in an organized, honest, and complete manner citing student academic qualifications, recommendations, and personal impressions of the interview.
  • Vote on applicants for acceptance or rejection, keeping in mind the School of Medicine mission and values, as well as needs for a diverse student body.
  • Represent the School by answering questions from the applicants or referring those questions to the Office of Student Services.
  • Review and establish annually the minimum requirements for admission to the MD degree program, and other policies related to the admissions process.

The Chair of the AC shall:

  • Conduct the meetings of the COA.
  • Assist with planning the annual orientation for AC members.
  • Review initial applicants to determine offer of an interview.
  • Be involved in decision making (along with the Assistant/Associate Dean for Admission and the Vice Dean of Education and Academic Affairs) regarding applicant inquiries.

The Assistant / Associate Dean assigned to staff the AC shall:

  • Maintain AMCAS application service.
  • Maintain up to date information on national and school statistics on matriculants.
  • Develop relationships with statewide and regional schools and counselors for a potential stream of acceptable applicants.
  • Meet regularly with the COA chair and attend COA meetings.
  • Notify applicants of their status in the process following a review and decision from the COA as accepted, waitlisted, or rejected.
  • Support the MedSTEP program for the Eastern Division, including service as interviewer and voting member of the program selection committee.
  • Present at the COA orientation each year and update the COA members of relevant new policies, procedures, and relevant data from AAMC.
  • Monitor for a fair and unbiased admissions
  • Review and update the technical standards for admission by the COA.
  • Review and update application secondary forms, and matriculation health forms and requirements by the COA.
  • Send information to matriculating students to prepare for beginning the curriculum, including student orientation programs.
  • Commit to compiling and tracking data on applicants and matriculates to the SoM to help further guide the COA regarding successful students. Items tracked will be in alignment with the charges of the COA and the dedication to the holistic review of the applicants.
  • Cast the tie-breaking vote if a tie results from the COA


The committee will meet weekly from September through March and as needed. A quorum will consist of a majority of voting faculty members and be equivalent to at least one greater than half the total number of voting faculty members.