Global Health Rotations

Application and Other Important Documents

General Information

Location: Global Health Elective Site
Duration: One Month
Offered: Selected months, usually February and April (other months only with permission)
Maximum Enrollment: 20 - 25 Students
Status: Elective


  1. To provide fourth year medical students with experience in the practice of medicine in a global setting.
  2. To introduce medical students to important global health issues.
  3. To prepare students for global travel.

Students taking this elective will spend one month in a WVU-affiliated overseas hospital or clinic. Students in the Global Health Track will have the option of spending two 4 week rotations at a global health site. Sites currently include Fiji, Ghana, Guatemala, Italy, Oman, Paraguay, and Spain. Medical faculty serve as preceptors at the site during the 4 week rotation. Any student taking the elective must receive approval from Student Services.

Methods to Achieve Objectives:

The student will attend clinics and/or hospital rounds at the site, as well as small group teaching sessions. To prepare for their elective abroad, students are required to do the following:

  1. Attend a mandatory "mini-course" (usually 2 - 3 hours long) at WVU, Morgantown, early in their fourth year to cover important aspects of global health and travel medicine.
  2. Write a 2 - 3 page paper on a medical or public health program in the country to which their will travel.
  3. Attend a mandatory meeting with the GHP Director and Program Coordinator the month prior to their departure.

Examination Procedures and Evaluation Criteria:

Daily observation at the site by the faculty mentor and a short paper on an global health topic (e.g., disease prevention, nutrition and infectious diseases, immunization practices and strategies). Upon completion of the rotation, students must complete an evaluation of the rotation as well as a brief paper reflecting on their experience at the clinic or hospital abroad (1 - 2 pages).

Remember, if you are interested in an overseas elective, even if you do not think you will have funds to do this elective, please apply anyway. We will do our best to help you find funding. An overseas experience will be one you will not forget or regret.