COVID 19 Vaccination Requirement

It is the policy of the West Virginia University Health System (WVUHS) to require all health care workers (HCWs) to receive a United States approved COVID-19 vaccination.  COVID-19 vaccination is a requirement of working at WVUHS.  Exemptions for HCWs who have medical contraindications or religious reasons that prevent them from obtaining the COVID-19 vaccination must be approved by WVU Medicine Employee Health and the Medical and Religious Exemption Review Committees.

Health care workers are defined as all employees (including those without direct patient care responsibilities and those working remotely) and all physicians, licensed independent practitioners, residents, fellows, volunteers, students, and contracted workers/vendors caring for patients or providing related services on any of WVUHS’s premises.

WVUHS Policy V.116S, First Effective August 23, 2021, Revised August 30, 2021