Ask the Admissions Team

How does the Committee on Admissions (COA) view multiple MCAT attempts?

When reviewing applications with multiple MCAT scores, the COA looks for an upward trend in scores, with all sub-sections preferably above the 50th percentile. Applicants with multiple MCAT scores with total and/or multiple sub-sections below the 50th percentile will be flagged as potential academic risks and may not be competitive for the cycle in which they apply. Applicants with concerns about recent test scores are encouraged to reach out for academic counseling (pre-med or academic advisor) before attempting an additional MCAT.

Do you give preference to West Virginia Residents?

We give preference to West Virginia residents, those with strong ties, and students who meet our academic mission.

International and DACA Students

International and DACA students who meet our requirements are eligible to apply and are considered out-of-state applicants. We do not accept international coursework. The admissions office is unable to answer specific questions about student visas, immigration-related concerns, and financial aid.  The  WVU's Office of Global Affairs and International Students and Scholars Services should be contacted if further information is needed. 

Do you accept transfer students?

We are not accepting transfer students at this time.

Do you allow students to defer admission?

Students are allowed to defer admission for rare and special circumstances.

For more information please refer to our Deferral Policy.

Will you accept the AAMC Fee Waiver?

Yes, we will waive the secondary application fee for applicants who have been granted fee assistance (FAP) by the AAMC. Proof of FAP must be submitted with the secondary application.