Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship

The goal of the Cardiology Fellowship is to educate a board eligible internist to become a competent, caring, and compassionate board-certified cardiologist who provides quality care to patients. The trainee should develop communication skills and competence in scholarly activities.

Cardiology Fellowship Educational Responsibilities

The specific program content will be an expansive experience – covering coronary, valvular, myocardial, pericardial, electrical and peripheral arterial diseases in term of pathogenesis, epidemiology, clinical features, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, management and prevention. Discussions of all major diseases will be carried out. Use of specific cardiovascular pharmacology will be covered extensively in terms of pharmacology, indications, usage, side effects and cost.

Cardiology Facilities

The major sites for clinical activities are held at the flagship location of West Virginia University Hospitals, Ruby Memorial Hospital, a 645 bed tertiary referral center. This hospital is home to the state of the art WVU Heart and Vascular Institute located inside the 10 floor South East Tower multi-million dollar expansion project.

Faculty and Fellows

The Cardiology faculty and fellows represent a very accessible resource in clinical medicine, teaching, scientific knowledge and basic and applied research. Currently, there are 38 full time faculty within the Division of Cardiology at the WVU School of Medicine.

Cardiology Fellowship Services

The specific objectives of the Cardiology fellowship is to provide excellent training and experience in each of the following areas over 3 years:

  • Clinical
  • Electrocardiography
  • Stress Testing
  • Echocardiography
  • Cardiac Catherization
  • Clinical Electrophysiology
  • Research

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