Medicine Pediatrics

The combined Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Program at West Virginia University was founded in 1981.

Our program provides excellent training in the fields of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics and allows for the growth and development of clinicians who will care for patients of all ages. Graduates of the program encompass a wide array of fields from primary care in both community and academic settings to specialty care in multiple fields.

Following training, residents will be:

  1. effective primary care providers, delivering comprehensive, continuous patient-centered care
  2. a manager of the biomedical and psychosocial aspects of care within the framework of the patient’s socioeconomic environment
  3. an expert in growth, development, and adaptation across the lifespan of the individual
  4. an advocate in disease prevention, early detection of disease, and health promotion within the community
  5. competent in the management, consultation and resource utilization of patients with undifferentiated or advanced illness and diseases of several organ systems
  6. competent in the ambulatory, hospital and extended care environments
  7. a skilled participant caring for patients within the larger health care system and within diverse cultural environments
  8. a life-long learner
  9. able to exhibit professional behavior towards patients, peers and other health care personnel
  10. an expert in the clinical care of patients of all ages, leading to board eligibility and eventual board certification in both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics

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