Medical Students

Dr. Daniel McClelland, Assistant Professor, serves as the Urology Department Student Clerkship Director.  The Department of Urology is very active in medical student teaching. First-year students are taught about relationship between basic science of the GU system and clinical disease states. Numerous research opportunities are available with the Department for first-year students during their summer vacation. In the second year curriculum, urology faculty will provide clinical lectures on the Urologic History and Physical Examination. In addition, a clinical practicum on the urologic examination is provided during our regularly scheduled clinics. Each student has the opportunity to work one-on-one with an urology faculty member for a clinic session. In the third year, urology students receive 2 hours of lecture in General Urologic Principles during the Surgery Clerkship. In addition, students can spend a 2-week selective with our Department during this clerkship. In the fourth year, students can select from 3 Department electives. For more information and to schedule an elective, please contact Student Services, Scheduling Coordinator in the School of Medicine at 304-293-2408.