Exercise physiology Master of Science (MS) students complete one of three areas of emphasis: clinical, research, or tactical. Students who pursue the clinical area of emphasis will obtain experience in various medical settings and work with populations with varied health problems. Those who wish to receive further training through a PhD, MD, or similar graduate program pursue the research area of emphasis, which allows students to engage in an intensive research experience. Those interested in working with tactical populations (e.g., military service members, law enforcement officers, firefighters) pursue the tactical area of emphasis. 

Program Requirements

Students pursuing the Master of Science (MS) in exercise physiology must complete the program requirements as outlined in the West Virginia University Academic Catalog

To be eligible for graduation, students must earn a grade of B or higher in all required courses and must earn a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher in all coursework. Additional information on program requirements can be found in the applicable student handbook.

A head shot photo of Mark Olfert, Ph.D..

Mark Olfert, Ph.D.

Exercise Physiology

“I think using a multi-disciplinary team to address complex problems like obesity is essential, and this approach is what makes it so impactful.”