Healthcare Data Analytics (Minor)

The minor in Healthcare Data Analytics introduces the student to data analytic processes and workflow in healthcare. Understanding the flow of data in healthcare functions, how to secure and manage the data, and how to present the data is a valuable skill. This minor will complement the major of any student interested in healthcare. It will also complement careers that include healthcare pathways. Healthcare facilities seek a variety of employees in non-clinical positions such as business managers, accountants, educators, engineers, and information technology positions.

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Note: No prerequisites are required for students who take one of these courses as part of the Healthcare Data Analytics Minor. The prerequisites (as listed in the catalog) are for students in the Health Informatics and Information Management major only.

Full course descriptions are available in the catalog. The minor includes a total of 15 credit hours, including the courses listed below:

  • HIIM 242 (2 hours): Healthcare Reimbursement & Revenue Cycle
  • HIIM 351 (3 hours): Healthcare Data Privacy and Security
  • HIIM 362 (3 hours): Data Governance in Healthcare Systems
  • HIIM 364 (3 hours): Health Data Designs
  • HIIM 366 (2 hours): Healthcare Analytics 1
  • HIIM 473 (2 hours): Healthcare Analytics 2