Health Professions

We are excited to share that our undergraduate offerings, as well as the master’s and professional programs listed below, are now housed under the umbrella of the WVU School of Medicine Health Professions. This change in name, from the former Office of Professional and Undergraduate Programs to Health Professions, helps us better convey our identity to our future students and is more encompassing of the many majors we’ve added to our School of Medicine family in recent years.

Health Professions Announces New Name


Health Informatics and Information Management (BS)

Discover the business of healthcare in a field that combines business, law, and computers. Train with information management technology applications and gain practical experience in the operations and workflow of a variety of healthcare organizations and settings.

Immunology and Medical Microbiology (BS)

Develop the laboratory skills and knowledge needed to assess the function of the immune system and to safely cultivate and identify microorganisms that cause disease. Gain experience in state-of the-art laboratories featuring hands-on, real-world research opportunities.

Music Therapy (BM, College of Creative Arts)

Combine your passions in music and medicine through a dynamic career in music therapy. Enjoy the best of both worlds, learning from world-class faculty in the School of Music and practicing vital clinical skills in partnership with School of Medicine faculty.

Pathophysiology, Performance, and Rehabilitation (PhD)

Complement your undergraduate or graduate work in exercise physiology with a PhD in Pathophysiology, Performance, and Rehabilitation, focusing on cardiovascular and metabolic diseases (CMD), muscle pathophysiology (MPP), or rehabilitation science and engineering (RSE).