Professional and Undergraduate Programs

The School of Medicine offers diverse undergraduate majors and minors, as well as graduate and professional degrees that prepare students for exciting and rewarding careers. Find your fit and explore pathways from undergraduate through graduate or professional school by navigating through our programs below. Questions about life as a Mountaineer? Start with our quick resource guide or contact Student Services today!

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Health Informatics and Information Management (BS)

Discover the business of healthcare in a field that combines business, law, and computers. Train with information management technology applications and gain practical experience in the operations and workflow of a variety of healthcare organizations and settings.

Immunology and Medical Microbiology (BS)

Develop the laboratory skills and knowledge needed to assess the function of the immune system and to safely cultivate and identify microorganisms that cause disease. Gain experience in state-of the-art laboratories featuring hands-on, real-world research opportunities.

Molecular Medicine (Minor)

Prepare for an exciting career in biomedical research and build a strong foundation for postgraduate study as you explore key concepts in molecular medicine and apply them to the cause, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of disease.

Music Therapy (BM, College of Creative Arts)

Combine your passions in music and medicine through a dynamic career in music therapy. Enjoy the best of both worlds, learning from world-class faculty in the School of Music and practicing vital clinical skills in partnership with School of Medicine faculty.

Pathophysiology, Performance, and Rehabilitation (PhD)

Complement your undergraduate or graduate work in exercise physiology with a PhD in Pathophysiology, Performance, and Rehabilitation, focusing on cardiovascular and metabolic diseases (CMD), muscle pathophysiology (MPP), or rehabilitation science and engineering (RSE).