Message from the Program Director

Headshot Shyam Thakkar, MD

The Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology offers a one-year research fellowship in Advanced Endoscopy to one candidate per year.

Conducted under the guidance of Shyam, Thakkar, MD, fellows will research a variety of gastrointestinal diseases such as luminal disease, pancreatic disorders and procedural efficiency. Along with research of diseases, fellows will gain a strong understanding of advanced gastrointestinal procedures, including interactive work with other programs and Universities on therapeutic procedure advancements.

This program hopes to provide an all-encompassing endoscopic research experience with prospective studies, outcomes research, clinical trials, economic analyses, and multicenter projects. Fellows will be involved in all aspects of research grant writing, research protocols, data gathering, data analysis, abstract and manuscript publication, as well as a presentation at annual Gastroenterology meetings. The research fellows will be encouraged to implement their own unique study protocols and will be supported in their future endeavors in the field of Gastroenterology.

After completion of the fellowship, the fellow:

  • Will have developed the knowledge and techniques of critical study analysis in evidence-based medicine
  • Will understand clinical study design
  • Is expected to present research at annual meetings and submit multiple manuscripts
  • Will receive a certificate upon the successful completion

This opportunity is available for medical professionals who wish to pursue an academic career in Gastroenterology or improve their academic credentials prior to Gastroenterology fellowship. Prior research fellows under the mentorship of Dr. Thakkar have had an excellent record of continuing their career in Gastroenterology fellowships throughout the country and developing into successful Gastroenterologists. Prospective fellows interested in this opportunity are encouraged to contact us to learn more.