Early Assurance Program

The Early Assurance Program (EAP) provides a pathway for well-qualified WVU Exercise Physiology undergraduates to enter the DPT program following completion of their baccalaureate degree.


  • First-time freshmen entering WVU in summer 2024 who meet the EAP requirements outlined below will have a seat in the DPT program cohort that begins in Summer 2028.
  • EAP students will not need to apply to the DPT program through PTCAS, reducing time and financial burdens.
  • EAP students receive advising targeting preparation and success for the DPT program.
  • EAP students will have opportunities for regular contact with PT faculty and students during their undergraduate education.
  • Each year, the first 10 students to enroll in and successfully complete the EAP will receive a free laptop computer and software upon entry to the DPT program (laptops are required for DPT students).
  • The DPT program awards a one-time $15,000 scholarship to one non-resident first year DPT student each year. EAP students who are non-residents will receive special consideration for this scholarship.

Requirements to Qualify as a High School Applicant

  • Apply as a first-time freshman, directly from high school
  • Be admitted to WVU as an Exercise Physiology major
  • Have a high school GPA of 3.5 or higher
  • Have an ACT Math score of 24 or higher or an SAT Math score of 570 or higher

EAP Questions and Enrollment

Requirements to Continue into the DPT Program

EAP students who meet the following requirements will continue into the DPT program following completion of their baccalaureate degree:

  • Complete all prerequisite coursework by the end of the spring semester of their junior year.
  • Achieve both overall and prerequisite GPA of 3.50 or higher.
  • Meet the program’s other admissions requirements, including a successful interview and satisfactory letters of recommendation, with the following exceptions:
    • The GRE is waived for EAP students.
    • EAP students must obtain at least 10 of the required 60 PT volunteer/observation hours in our program’s faculty practice and/or at a WVU Medicine facility.
  • Participate in meetings each semester organized by the DPT Admissions Committee and the Exercise Physiology academic advisor.

EAP students will be evaluated for progression to the DPT program starting in June after completion of the junior year. Interviews will be conducted in August following the junior year.

Students who do not meet the EAP criteria for continuation outlined above but do meet our program’s minimum admissions requirements are encouraged to apply using our traditional application process via PTCAS.