Mission and Goals

The WVU School of Medicine Charleston Campus will continue to contribute, as one of the oldest regional medical education campuses in the United States, to the WVU vision of being nationally recognized as a leader among academic health care organizations by cultivating a tradition of excellence and innovation.

The WVU School of Medicine Charleston Campus will continue to partner with Charleston Area Medical Center and the CAMC Institute for Academic Medicine to demonstrate excellence and innovation as an academic medical center in meeting its goals in the education, patient care, research and community service missions.

The WVU School of Medicine Charleston Campus will demonstrate its core values (excellence, integrity, compassion, dedication, respect, empathy, personal and social responsibility) in carrying out its mission and goals.

The WVU School of Medicine-Charleston’s mission goals are medical discipline dictated but should include.
• Education: provide the information and experience to achieve an adult learning life-time process to assure the core competencies necessary for the practice of medicine.
• Patient Care: provide a level of quality care that assures a compassionate patient centered approach based on practice-based learning and improvement in an environment that values ethical principles and sensitivities.
• Research: provide an academic environment that values innovation, challenges, transparency and investigation that is subject to the scrutiny of peers and the public.
• Service to the State: provide an environment that values, nurtures and facilitates the involvement of faculty, residents and students in “community” participation whether medical or not.