Bachelor of Science (BS)

Prof. Valerie Watson in the lab with an IMMB student

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in immunology and medical microbiology (IMMB) combines two disciplines - immunology and medical microbiology - to create a 128-credit hour undergraduate degree that allows graduates to choose from diverse pathways for immediate employment or further study.

WVU's program is one of only two programs in the United States that allows undergraduates to specialize in these two disciplines in a school of medicine. It also provides extensive research opportunities to undergraduates, with training in the lab beginning during the freshman year.

Through the unique design of the curriculum and the research opportunities described above, our undergraduate alumni are well-prepared for graduate programs, including PhD programs in the biomedical sciences; medical, dental, or veterinary school; and more. Alternatively, some graduates opt for immediate employment opportunities in biotechnology, the pharmaceutical industry, government agencies, public health, and teaching in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and medicine) fields.