Strategic Compass

KEEP in Action

The strategic compass outlines infinite goals that we strive to meet each day as a School of Medicine. Annually, this document is reviewed and implementation plans, finite goals, are developed to keep us moving forward. And while we continually pursue our vision, we appreciate the significant value in the journey.

Strategic Compass - KEEP in Action


We are cultivating an environment where people can be their authentic selves and are treated as part of one Mountaineer family.

A head shot photo of Erica Shaver.

Erica Shaver

Emergency Medicine

“The training I received at WVU was second to none and the way in which I have been supported by my faculty and peer colleagues and our departmental leadership is something I will be forever grateful for. Now it's my turn to give back to others in all the ways I was supported.”


Our learners and educators gain perspective and scope from one another; we provide the foundation for their journey.

A head shot photo of Rebekah Avey.

Rebekah Avey

Exercise Physiology

“The exercise physiology program has several hands-on opportunities where students learn basic clinical skills, how and when to perform certain exercise tests and how to develop an exercise prescription. My favorite hands-on experience is the gross anatomy lab.”


We take our calling in life seriously and work tirelessly to ensure we provide opportunity for others to discover theirs.

A head shot photo of Becky Coakley.

Becky Coakley

Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

“West Virginia was the perfect place to start a program like CVRP. We’re such a small, family-driven state, so it was not hard for us to get physicians on board and to reach out to parents and teachers to become a community.”