Application Process

Phase I

Applications can be submitted once per year through the Occupational Therapy Centralized Application Service (OTCAS). The application period is July 21 – February 15 annually.  A completed application must include the following:

  • Verification of 20 hours of volunteer, work, or shadowing experience with an occupational therapist. There are two options for fulfilling the shadowing requirements.
    • Option 1: Traditional in-person shadowing. Students must complete a minimum of 20 hours with at least two different clinical settings (in-patient, outpatient, mental health, schools, etc.) OR populations (pediatrics, geriatrics, adults, etc.). Students must complete the verification form for each site with the supervising occupational therapy practitioners (OTR or OTA).
    • Option 2: Hybrid shadowing. Students will complete the WVU OT Virtual Shadowing portion including all 4 modules. Students will then complete a minimum of 6 hours in-person. Students must complete the verification form for the 6 hours with the supervising occupational therapy practitioner(s) (OTR or OTA).
  • Two letters of recommendation (professional, academic, or personal/non-relative) that speak to the applicant’s skills, knowledge, and aptitude related to becoming an occupational therapist.

  • Transcripts of all post-secondary education.

  • Written personal statement specific to motivation to become an occupational therapist, why the applicant is a good fit for WVU OT, and why the student chose to study OT at WVU. 

  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae.

Phase II

Qualified candidates will be invited to complete a virtual interview. As part of the interview process, candidates will meet with one WVU OT faculty member and an OT from the community for approximately 30 minutes.   Admission offers will be made following interviews.  Classes will begin in May of each year.