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Indirect Admission Pathway

Students who are not admitted to the Respiratory Therapy major as first-time freshmen may apply via the indirect admission pathway, typically during their sophomore year. This pathway will be available to change of major applicants currently enrolled in another major at WVU and transfer students. 

Students/applicants from the indirect pathways that wish to apply for admission consideration into the respiratory therapy program must meet all the following:

  1. Possess a minimum overall GPA of 2.50 or higher.
  2. Fulfill all other general admission requirements for WVU.

  3. Complete all components of the online application and Health Science Application Supplemental Information (HSASI). The HSASI contains multiple components which will be utilized to assess candidates to determine which applicants are selected for admission to fill any vacant seats in the program.  The program will utilize the HSASI to assess all candidates on a 5-criteria scoring system (reflected in the linked attachment). The highest overall score achieved by applicants from the 5 criteria components reflected below will be offered admission into the RT Program until the cohort is full. If two or more applicants achieve the highest scores but the same score, then the candidate(s) with the highest overall GPA will be offered the seat.

For consideration for entry into the Fall 2024 cohort, applicants should complete the linked HSASI form and request that two references complete the linked recommendation form

Entry into Professional Phase

Regardless of entry method (direct or indirect), students admitted into the BSRT program must complete the following criteria prior to transitioning (entering) into the professional phase of the program (typically Fall term, junior year). 

  1. Possess a minimum overall GPA of 2.50 or higher.
  2. Complete PALM 205 (3 credits) and PALM 206 (lab 1 credit) or PSIO 107 (4 credits) with a minimum final course grade of C of higher.
  3. Successfully pass all the following prerequisite courses:
    • General Biology I and Lab (4 hrs): BIOL 101 and 101L or BIOL 115 and 115L or equivalent
    • General Biology II and Lab (4 hrs): BIOL 102 and 102L or BIOL 117 and 117L or equivalent
    • Introductory Chemistry and Lab (4 hrs): CHEM 111 and 111L or CHEM 115 and 115L or equivalent
    • Composition and Rhetoric I (3 hrs): ENGL 101 or equivalent
    • Public Communication (3 hrs): COMM 104 or MDS 270 or equivalent
    • Introductory Psychology (3 hrs): PSYC 101 or equivalent
  4. Review and meet all the Technical Standards requirements of the program.
  5. Complete all components of the Student Professional Phase Core Requirements Policy (at least 30 days prior to the start of the professional phase) including health insurance verification, health examination/health form, immunization and titer requirements, drug screen, and clearances required within the program.