Brian Farmer

“I chose WVU for the major and adjoining renowned hospital that belongs to the University.”

San Marcos, California

What do you eventually want to do career-wise?

I would like to go to Medical School and become a medical doctor.

Why do you want to pursue this career?

I have always been interested in the medical field and I have a passion for it.

Why did you choose this major?

I believe it is a strong pre-requisite for medical school.

Why did you choose WVU? 

I chose WVU for the major and renowned hospital that belongs to it.

What would you tell prospective students about your experience at WVU and the School of Medicine? 

I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience because I believe it is the right program for me.

Have you participated in any clubs, student organizations or other groups in the School of Medicine? If so, do you have any special experiences to share?

I am involved in multiple clubs and extracurriculars. For example, Be the Match on Campus at WVU and Pre-Optometry Club are clubs I am officers in that are related to medicine. I am also involved in the Pre-Med club as well. I helped start the Pre-Optometry club last fall.

Share something unique or interesting about you that others may not know?

I am originally from San Diego, Ca. I love to play piano, snowboard and wakeboard.

Is there anything else that you feel would be pertinent for your profile? Anything you think prospective students would want to know?

I am involved in some clubs and extracurriculars that are seeking members. Specifically, Be the Match on Campus at WVU and Pre-Optometry Club. These clubs are looking for new members that are interested.