Procedures that fellows have the opportunity to assist with and perform:

  • Thyroid ultrasounds are performed in Endocrine Clinic on the 2ndand 4th Thursday mornings of the month during the fellow outpatient rotations
  • FNA biopsies are performed in the Radiology Ultrasound Suite in Ruby Memorial Hospital on the firstĀ and third Wednesday mornings of the month during fellow inpatient rotations
  • Fellows will be exposed to multiple other procedures including but not limited to cosyntropin stimulation testing, mixed meal testing, insulin and glucose tolerance tests, levothyroxine absorption testing, dexamethasone suppression testing, adrenal vein sampling, inferior petrosal sinus sampling, DXA interpretation, nuclear medicine imaging including octreotide, Sestamibi parathyroid, MIBG, and total body iodine scans
  • All first-year fellows will be offered the opportunity to wear an insulin pump with normal saline for a few days in addition to a continuous glucose monitor to become more comfortable with insulin pump management
  • Fellows will have significant exposure to all varieties of insulin pumps and become skilled at insulin pump management
  • Fellows will learn to interpret CGM data and apply the interpretation to patients' plans of care