Tracy Liu

Tracy Liu, a faculty member in the Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Cell Biology and WVU Cancer Institute researcher, is a Chinese Canadian who brings her diverse experiences to the lab and classroom each day. Liu had never heard of West Virginia University before searching for assistant professor positions, but the job description, qualifications and research were a great fit, so she applied. Following the interview process, she had a number of offers and wondered how she would select an institution. Her research mentor advised that finding the right place will feel right, and she found that in Morgantown. WVU felt like home. Liu grew up in a small town. There were not many Chinese children in her school, but her family was heavily involved in the local Chinese Association, and she attended many cultural festivals. From a young age, she prided herself on being welcoming and inclusive and has practiced this through leading research symposia and volunteering in the clinic, supporting cancer patients and caretakers. Liu is an advocate of diversity and the different perspectives it brings to team science and other creative endeavors. She advises her students that research can be a big part of their life but not their whole life - they must take care of themselves - physically and emotionally. She believes WVU provides a supportive and collaborative culture where students can learn and grow. Liu was given many opportunities during her training to fail and succeed and she shares with her students that there are many different aspects of science and research to explore. It’s okay to change your mind. Find what you are passionate about, and it will lead you to your future career.