Sonya Inderbitzin-Brooks
Annandale, VA
Undergraduate Degree:
Biology, Delaware State University

1. What made  you want to get your MD degree at WVU?

West Virginia is close to home.  I also liked that WVU  School of Medicine has different locations within the school.  It was  interesting that you get an option between 3 different campuses for your 3rd  and 4th year.

2. What made the program so appealing?  

Everyone was welcoming and nice during the interview.  WVU looked  at me as a whole person instead of just what they say as flaws on my  application. This was also the only school that asked me about everything on my  application.  

3. What is  your favorite part of the program?

I like the environment that they have created here at WVU.    We are here to help each other and we are not competing against  each other.  We have the PBL (Problem Based Learning) and CLG (Clinical  Learning Group) where we work as a team instead of working by ourselves.  

4. What made  you want to become a doctor?

My family had problems with the healthcare field, which isn’t  always the most patient friendly.  I felt that having people that care  about the patients is important.  I like that you have the ability to help  someone everyday you go to work.

5. How do  you balance your home, school, and social life?

It is hard and I doubt there are many people who can say they  have found the perfect balance.  You have to find a system that works for  you.  I can study for 3 hours and then I need a break.  I plan what I  am going to do during my breaks so they feel more rewarding.  It depends  on the person and for me I play it by ear each day and I make sure I don’t  forget about time for myself.  

6. How did  playing college Volleyball help you?  

Sports help in general.  You are always pushing yourself  and it is about competition.  It is half about you and the work you  put in and half about working together as a team to achieve a goal.    With sports you push each day even though you're not competing every  day.  Same thing with medicine.  You spent everyday working hard so  that eventually you will reach your goal.  

7. What do  you think about the school's community service requirements? Were you involved  in community service before medical school?  

I like it.  It keeps you centered to why you are  here.  You are here for them (the patients).  Before I was here I  volunteered at for the high school where my mom works.  I volunteered in  the deaf and hard of hearing program, specifically with children who  additionally had learning disabilities. I got to work with kids who were from  other countries who were getting their first chance to learn in an educational  system that had programs to accommodate their disability.  I had a great  time working with them because they were so passionate about learning.

8. The  program had a week long orientation before classes started.  What did you  think of that?

I liked it because it gave us a chance to feel comfortable in  the program before classes started.  I felt relaxed going into classes  since I was able to meet people.  I was able to grow friendships before  classes started which made the transition easier.  

9. What are  your goals after graduating?

I’m not sure what specialty, but I want to work in Global  Health.

10. What is your favorite thing to do outside of school?

I like to hang out with friends and watch sports.    I’ve made such great friends here and I mostly spend time my free  time with them.

11. Do you have any advice for anyone thinking about medical school?

Stay positive. The whole process is very demanding but if you  stay positive and work hard it will pay off in the end.

- Interviewed summer of 2015